About No Second Chance

About No Second Chance

The Revolutionary Youth Safety Program

The N2C program is a unique and revolutionary Youth Safety Campaign with the clear objective of saving teenage lives arising from the tragic consequences of Youth Violence and Road Accidents.

N2C confronts the youth of Australia and shocks them into making smart decisions regarding their own safety.

The N2C program has proven beyond doubt since 2013 that it has been able to ‘cut through’ to the youth of Australia like no other program of its kind by way of its incredible presenters and the unique marketing channels and the ‘medium’ in which it uses to facilitate its delivery.

The N2C program utilizes the dynamic ‘medium’ of motorsport to capture the interest and short attention span of today’s youth.

Key speakers Paul Stanley and Matt Speakman, both of whom have paid the ultimate price for other peoples bad decisions, are very committed about reducing the disgraceful statistics relating to Australian youth safety. They provide the emotion and passion to ‘cut through’ with their message.

As Ambassador and Master of Ceremonies of the N2C program Warren Luff illustrates how being focussed, staying safe and making good life decisions can lead to the opportunity to ‘live your dreams’.

Some of the feedback we have received

Words are almost inadequate in describing the power of N2C’s message.

It was certainly one of the most moving and, indeed, brave student welfare presentations I have ever seen.

The stories that were shared were at times confronting, yet I feel that, ultimately, the boys have been given an incredible insight into the need to make wise choices in their lives and decisions which will be positive for not just themselves, but society as well.Paul Koff - Year 12 Adviser - Homebush Boys High School

We were blessed to host N2C at King’s this year. The presentations were timely as our boys were dealing with the loss of one of their own through “one punch”. They were challenged to think about the reality of life and their perceived invincibility. Paul Staney confronted the boys with a powerful message relating to the impact of the loss of a loved one through one punch.This part was real, heart wrenching and has left a permanent mark on many. The segment relating to drinking to excess and road trauma hit home. Our boys were challenged to think about the consequences of partying and alcohol. Many are doing a serious re-think about their approach to life. Warren Luff lightened up the presentations by sharing his story and encouraged the boys to chase their dreams, with some useful hints and tools to use. I believe that N2C coming to King’s has had a tremendous impact on our students. It was worth it if “only one was saved”. Wally Tarasenko - Conveyor - Driving Wisely B2M - The King's School (NSW)
Just wanted to send an email thank you guys for coming to school last week. The students were silent whilst listening to the gentlemen spoke!! Such a great program that send the right messages. Would highly recommend this program to anyone! Thank you again and hopefully will have you guys back in a few years time! Sarah Cooper - PDHPE Teacher - Orange High School (NSW)
I would just like to say a great big thankyou for the amazing you work your team do. My 16yr old son came home from school today more excited about your presentation than anything else for ages. It was lovely to see had learnt something and so deeply touched by your stories that he cried. Well done to all involved, please keepup the amazing work, One grateful mum xo Michelle Blandford - Parent of two teenage boys at Orange High School
I wanted to thank you again as my son (and I ) had an experience of a lifetime and without you and your team this would not have been possible. The staff at the driving school were fantastic and friendly, please pass on our thanks. Derek Hartshorn - Father of Top Gun Graduate Zac Hartshorn

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