Update: Top Gun from TSS

Update: Top Gun from TSS

Congratulations to TSS Student Hayden Sargeant..!!

You have been selected as the ‘N2C Top Gun’ for The Southport School on the Gold Coast.

You are invited to attend the Porsche Sport Driving School to complete the N2C Porsche Sport Driving School Young Driver Program where you will learn how to develop good driving habits and avoid accidents to keep yourself and your friends and family safe.

What was the strongest message you took away from the presentation? I was sitting at the front and held the hand of Matthews dad , I have just got my license and realised the responsibility I have on the road and the consequences everyone has. Hayden Sargeant - Student at The Southport School

About the N2C Porsche Sport Driving School Young Driver Program

No Second Chance has teamed up with Porsche Cars Australia to create the ‘No Second Chance Porsche Sport Driving School Young Driver Program’ specifically for selected graduates of our No Second Chance Youth Safety Presentations.

Once students have seen our presentation we believe they are on their way to understanding the responsibility associated with driving a car on public roads.

Attending the school will give you the opportunity to talk with professional racing drivers who can help show you the pathway to motorsport if you have a desire to drive fast as the only place that speed is appropriate is on the race track!

Read more about: The No Second Chance Top Gun Program

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