N2C TOP GUN Cleveland District State High School

N2C TOP GUN Cleveland District State High School

We are very excited to announce the next N2C Top Gun has been selected. This time from Cleveland District State High School in QLD.

The next N2C Top Gun is Emma Clinnick..!!

You will be treated to an all-expenses-paid day at the Porsche Sport Driving School at Mt Cotton where you will learn a variety of safe driving techniques as well as having the opportunity to drive all of the Porsches in the current range.

This course will make you a better, safer driver by teaching you better vehicle control in all situations.

A quote from Emma about our presentation at Cleveland District State High School:

I definitely 100% recommend this presentation. I went in to the room thinking it was just another boring presentation school makes us watch, but walked out thinking about how my actions affect others and how I never want my parents to go through that! – Emma Clinnick N2C TOP GUN

We received many great entries and want to remind everyone that even if you didn’t win you are still an N2C graduate and we hope that by sharing our stories it has motivated you to be more responsible and make better decisions, especially in relation to decisions surrounding alcohol, driving and violence.


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