Presentation Update: Carwatha College

Presentation Update: Carwatha College

Our tenth presentation for 2014 took us to Carwatha College P-12 in Victoria where we spoke to around 250 of the year 10, 11 and 12 students.

Our message was particularly well received as the school’s auditorium was the perfect environment for us; allowing everyone to hear clearly and providing an intimate space to share our very personal and confronting stories.

The presentation had a huge impact and was very well received with many of the students asking questions.

Linda Stanton, the Assistant Principal addressed the students afterwards and explained that she had had no expectations about our presentation but it had literally left her speechless.

She reinforced our message with the students reminding them that there is No Second Chance and that our choices matter.

It was a great pleasure to be given the opportunity to tell our story to the students of Carwatha College and share our simple yet extremely important message:

Make smart decisions and live your dreams – Make dumb decisions and there is N2C.

Following our presentation we contested round 6 of the Porsche Carrera Cup where our Ambassador Warren Luff went on to regain his lead in the Championship.

Our next presentation will be at Dension College in NSW timed to coincide with upcoming round of the Carrera Cup at Bathurst.

Left to right - Matt Speakman, Paul Stanley, Linda Stanton (Assistant Principal) and Warren Luff

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