Presentation Update: Benalla P-12 College

Presentation Update: Benalla P-12 College

We recently visted the Benalla P-12 College where we spoke to more than 70 of the year 12 students.

Although we have attended the same School last year this time it was a different Campus so the Students were not aware of what the program was about..

The presentation was well received and they have insisted on our return in 2016.

We have been featured in the School’s newsletter so rather than tell the story from our perspective we thought you could could reads about it from the perspective of the Students.

–As printed in the Benella P-12 School Newsletter–

No Second Chance Presentation

On Thursday the 11th of June, our Year 12 students were fortunate enough to attend a presentation from N2C (NO SECOND CHANCE). The presentation focused on two of the biggest killers of young people – alcohol/drug fuelled violence and road accidents. The Youth Safety Campaign is aimed at saving teenage lives by educating the young men & women of the dangers of street violence and the realities of road trauma.

The first speaker, Paul Stanley told us of the unimaginable experience of turning off the life support system for his 15 year old son Matthew after he was bashed to death at a teenager’s party in 2006. We were told of the impact this has had on his family and friends. While it was a heart breaking story to hear, the message was strong.

Some of our Year 12’s said the following…

…the most moving part of the presentation was when Paul asked us to think about the person we cared about the most and remember the last time we saw them…he then asked, imagine if that was the last time you ever saw them…Natasha Henshaw
It was quite overwhelming, we know that it happens but to actually hear the story from the person that went through it made it seem so much more realGiorgia Lister
We watched the news reel with Paul on it talking about his son. It was a real shock when he actually walked in and was there in the fleshChloe Dods
When Paul actually stepped through the door, I couldn’t believe it…Cody Crawford

Matt Speakman was not able to attend due to ongoing complications from his accident. He is a paraplegic who was knocked off his motorcycle by a drunk driver and his girlfriend passenger was killed. Even though he wasn’t there, we heard about his story and the impact it had on his life.

The presentation was confronting, raw and thought provoking. We are certain that our students took the main message from the presentation which is quite simply that there is “no second chance”. We would ask parents/caregivers to talk to their sons and daughters about what they heard. These conversations are so important.

I think that Ricky Daw sums it up perfectly below…..

The No Second Chance Presentation was very inspiring to me. It really opened my eyes as to how quickly one little mistake can turn into a tragedy and change people’s lives as well as their families lives. I really feel for Paul Stanley. I can’t believe how strong his family was after losing their son Matt. The presentation was fantasticRicky Daw

Kellie Cairncross – Year 12 Co-ordinator

Paul Stanley talks to students at Benalla College
Warren Luff talks to students at Benalla College
Warren Luff, Paul Stanley and Adny McElrea talk to students at Benalla College

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