Warren Luff at the Bathurst 12 Hour

Warren Luff at the Bathurst 12 Hour

After an incredible performance in practice and qualifying hopes were high for the McElrea Racing/ Objective McLaren team to do well at the Bathurst 12 Hour.

N2C Ambassador Warren Luff had qualified in third and was the first driver to get behind the wheel in the 12 hour endurance event.

Two hours into the race the team was sitting comfortably in second place until the Objective McLaren suddenly clipped the wall coming down the mountain causing enough damage that the team were forced to retire.

From the pits it looked like it was caused by debris on the track and the team waited to hear from Luffy what actually happened.

Luffy could have easily blamed the track conditions or any number of factors but what did he do….?

He took full-responsibility and admitted his mistake to the team and apologised.

It was a hard apology as they had worked late nights for several weeks leading up to the event to get everything ready doing all the things required to put the Objective McLaren out in front; but it was the right thing to do.

When you look people in the eyes and honestly admit you made a mistake it makes all the difference.

Life is short…
Take responsibility for your actions and maintain the respect of your peers.
There is No Second Chance..!!

N2C Ambassador Warren Luff at the Bathurst 12hr