A New Year Another Avoidable Tragedy

A New Year Another Avoidable Tragedy

While most people spent New Year ’s Day recovering from a night of celebration, Daniel Christie started 2014 fighting for his life as the result of a ‘one punch’ attack which caused him to hit his head on the ground leaving him in a coma.

Few people can comprehend the horror that the Christie family have had to endure with them being forced to make the decision to turn off Daniel’s life support ending his life 11 days later.

Paul Stanley and his family have lived through this exact same ordeal and with his relentless work with the Matthew Stanley Foundation and No Second Chance Stanley hopes to prevent this type of unnecessary violence.

It’s been a solemn reminder for us at No Second Chance about how important the anti-violence and youth safety message is.

Throughout 2014 we will continue to confront young people with the harsh reality that our daily decisions can create unfathomable consequences and remind them that with good decisions, hard work and persistence we can literally live our dreams.

We have included a link to the news report relating to Daniel Christie out of respect for his family and in the hopes it helps to prevent this ‘one punch’ epidemic that is sweeping the nation.

Link to Article Sydney Morning Herald. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/daniel-christie-dies-following-kinghit-punch-20140111-30ndv.html