Cold Hard Facts Confront Students at Benalla College

Cold Hard Facts Confront Students at Benalla College

Students at the Benalla P-12 College were moved to tears on Thursday when No Second Chance presented their engaging Youth Safety Presentation to the year 11 and 12 students.

The No Second Chance presentation is a revolutionary new way of confronting young people with the reality of life’s harsh consequences resulting from seemingly harmless decisions.

The program targets anti-violence and safe driving at its core but encourages self-confidence and working towards a positive goal as some of the key messages.

“We hope everyone walks away with a renewed outlook”, says Andy McElrea founder of the No Second Chance program. “We’ve all made stupid mistakes as teenagers and never listened to our parents or teachers trying to give us advice. That is where this program is different. We don’t preach to these kids; we show real examples of what happens when people get into fights and get behind the wheel drunk.

“So many teenage deaths can be avoided by thinking twice before making that stupid decision, that’s one of the messages we try to get across ‘think twice because you only live once’.”

We spoke with Student Wellbeing Officer Hayley Currie at Benalla College who organised our visit afterwards to hear her feedback. “THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH, IT WAS AMAZING!!! the kids were absolutely glued and very moved indeed,” she said. “The kids have said that it was very moving and have been very keen to talk about it afterwards. “Lots of the boys opened up, telling teachers they were crying, that’s brave for our boys, worthwhile right there.

“One of the teachers told the kids that she had tears in her eyes the whole way through.” Although we don’t get any pleasure from seeing people cry, it’s a pretty good indicator that we are getting our message across – Make good decisions and you can live your dreams, make stupid decisions and there is “No Second Chance”.

Media were on hand to speak to some of the students afterwards and we were featured in the local WIN TV broadcast.

Warren Luff will spend the weekend promoting the program in the No Second Chance Porsche at Winton Motor Raceway. He is currently 2nd in the Championship and as the Ambassador for the program demonstrates that hard work and determination can literally lead to living your dreams.