Consistency Pushes N2C to 2nd in Championship

Consistency Pushes N2C to 2nd in Championship

Warren Luff has proven his status as the quiet achiever by taking the No Second Chance team into second place in the Australian Carrera Cup Championship with the help of his co-driver Geoff Emery at the Porsche Rennsport Event in Sydney.

In an effort to keep the championship interesting the format was different to usual and the two races were one hour in length with a compulsory driver change in each race. Both drivers had to start in one of the races and the teams were allowed 10 tyres for the weekend instead of the usual 8.

Some of the other teams struggled with the new format but thanks to the extremely well run McElrea Racing No Second Chance team, Warren Luff and Geoff Emery finished 2nd overall in points with fourth in race one and second in race two.

“It’s still only early days”, said Warren “as that’s only the third round of a seven round Championship. But Andy McElrea (N2C Team Principal and McElrea Racing team boss) has been on my back about consistency. “Finishing races wins championships” is one of his favorite sayings.

I am just delighted to be proving to the teenagers of Australia that if you work hard results will follow no matter whether it’s sport, getting a good job, getting in shape, it doesn’t matter – reward equals effort.

Luffy is currently 36 points behind the series leader and the entire No Second Chance team is looking forward to the next round at Townsville in July. Below is the round wrap-up as provided by Porsche Carrera Cup Australia.