First N2C Presentation for 2014

First N2C Presentation for 2014

No Second Chance School Presentation – Cleveland District State High School QLD

No Second Chance kicked of the year with a Presentation at Cleveland District State High School in Queensland.

This was a particularly moving presentation for Paul Stanley as it is in the same community where he lives and where his own son lost his life during a violent attack at a house party in 2006.

The presentation went for around 40 minutes and during that time the students sat in total silence with the  only exception being some students leaving the room momentarily to dry their eyes.

Many of the students arrived expecting to be lectured with a single point of view but instead they were presented with three very different stories that give them something to think about rather than a set of  instructions.

“No One ever expects the presentation to be so personal and open,” said Stanley. “As presenters we break the mould for typical ‘Aussie Blokes’ and talk about our feelings even though it is very difficult for us. We aim to leave the students with something very emotional to think about.”

Channel 7 were in attendance taking video footage to be used in an upcoming special on Kay McGrath’s ‘Making a Difference’ program.

Student Quotes

N2C is an inspiring, touching, eye opening presentation that everyone should see. I went in with a closed mind thinking the presentation would be boring, and walked out blown away at how good it was and how effectively they got their message across.

Thank-you so much for presenting that presentation yesterday for my school. All of my friends have been talking about it and how sad both of the speakers stories are and how it affected them. Thank-you again, and your Porsche is so cool! :D

N2C has made me realise that of course we all need to live life and have fun, but always make positive choices; bad choices may lead to negative affects on both yourself and everyone around you. N2C was both informative, and well presented.

Our presentation is confrontational there is no doubt about that but we believe its the most engaging and honest way we can relay our message:

Make good decisions and you can live your dreams – Make dumb decisions and there is No Second Chance.

The N2C race team will now head to Adelaide where we will compete in the first round of the Championship where Warren Luff will be fighting hard to improve on his results from last year.