Matt Speakman passes driving test

Matt Speakman passes driving test

N2C guest speaker and team member Matt Speakman has passed his drivers test first time.

Matt lost the use of his legs several years ago as a result of being hit by a drunk driver while riding home on his road bike and has had to work hard to convince the CAMS officials that it will not be dangerous for him to race.

“Since my accident there are plenty of things I can’t do”, says Matt. ” I learned early on to focus on what I can do rather that what I cant. That’s why I was determined to get CAMS to recognise that I can drive one of these things. I have spent too much time on the couch watching the Porsche Cup and now I just want to be part of the fun”.

Matt successfully tested the car under the supervision of former Bathurst champion Thomas Mezera.

“He did a bloody good job”, said Thomas who now acts as the “Driver Standards Advisor” for CAMS as well as running the “Porsche Sport Driving School” for Porsche Cars Australia.

“I was pretty nervous”, said Matt. “I felt like I was going for my drivers licence all over again but this time I had one of the legends of Australian touring cars looking over my shoulder”.

Matt has now been given the green light to a race in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.