N2C School Visit – Kensington VIC

N2C School Visit – Kensington VIC

The N2C team visited Kensington Community High School in the lead-up to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Many of the students were skeptical at first thinking it was just another lecture.

Once our presentation got started everybody could see that we were not there to lecture and everyone listened intently. There were a few tears, (there always are) and a few laughs.

The great thing about Kensington Community High School is that attendance is not compulsory, what that means is that the students are there because they want to be.

Kensington is known as a school for troubled youths but what we saw was a good bunch of young people doing the best they can. The Kensington staff and students made us feel very welcome and actively took part asking heaps of questions of all three presenters, Paul, Matt & Warren.

We really hope that we got our message across. Sometimes in life, there is N2C.