N2C School Visit – Kingston QLD

N2C School Visit – Kingston QLD

N2C was grateful to be given the opportunity to meet the students who are part of the Centre Education Programme at Kingston in QLD.

Centre Ed is part of a national network of Flexible Learning Centres under the banner of Edmund Rice Education Australia. These Flexible Learning Centres (“Flexi’s”) are designed to meet the educational needs of a rapidly expanding cohort of disengaged and at-risk youth.

Empathetic staff at the flexi’s walk with and work with young people on their journey back to education. The N2C presentation was well received at Centre Ed, where young people live with their own backgrounds of tragedy, violence or loss.

Many of the students don’t have the family support that many of us take for granted.

The teachers at Centre Ed are very committed to helping these young people and they deserve recognition in their own right.

We spoke to Adam Connelly one of the teachers there to ask if he thought our message was helpful.

“Absolutely”, said Adam. “It’s an honour for a small school such as ours to host such a great programme. The N2C message has today been delivered where it is needed most. Alcohol-related violence and road safety are important issues, and the N2C programme delivers a hard-hitting, personal account which should stick in the minds of these young people as they go about their business outside school.”

The N2C team really enjoyed our time at Centre Ed and met a really great bunch of people. We wish all the students the best and hope that we were able to offer them some useful advice.

As always, we stressed the message that our lives are made of the choices we make and sometimes there is No Second Chance.