N2C School Visit – Townsville High School

N2C School Visit – Townsville High School

Townsville State High School is literally on the Sucrogen Townsville 400 race circuit and the gymnasium where we spoke to more than 400 students was only a few hours earlier being used by the V8 Supercars for corporate facilities and as a base for the television broadcast. So with the sights, sounds and smells of race cars being part of the school the students could not wait to hear from No Second Chance.

The N2C Presentation is normally targeted at senior students as we feel this is when the message of our program will have the biggest impact; right when these young men and women are leaving school, learning to drive and reaching the legal drinking age where bad decisions can result in tragedy.

However the message of N2C is not age specific and as Townsville State High School only has a small number of senior students it was decided to present in front of the entire school.

As is always the case, there were some tears when Paul re-told the story of his son Matthew and there were some gasps when Matt Speakman’s X-Rays were shown on-screen. But we believe that the honest truth is the best way to get the message across that there is No Second Chance.

The N2C presentation was coordinated with the help of Deputy Principal, Kaylene Misdenovic and Senior Constable, Yvette Starr (pictured above) who is part the School Based Policing Program.

The School Based Policing Program is a joint initiative between the Queensland Police Service and Education Queensland. The main role of the program is to establish positive relationships between police and the secondary school community to contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment. For more information about the program you can visit the QLD Police website HERE.

As always the feedback from the teachers and students was fantastic and we would especially like to thank those students who commented on our Facebook page and filled out an entry for the N2C TOP GUN Program at www.N2C.com.au/topgun