N2C Visits Merrimac State High School

N2C Visits Merrimac State High School

With the GC600 only a few days away and the end of school only a few weeks after that the senior students at Merrimac State High School were confronted with yet another presentation trying to prepare them for the road ahead. The students filed into the sports hall expecting to be bored for the next 30 minutes but this time it was different. Forty minutes later we had a room full of interested young people asking questions after the presentation was over.

“At this time of year there are a few safety related programs but this one was a real standout for me,” one of the students commented after the presentation.

With our own brand of confrontational truth, No Second Chance aims to shock young people into thinking about what actually happens when people do stupid things. Stupid things like getting into a car with someone who has been drinking or getting into a fight during a night out after a few drinks. These kinds of decisions have massive and immediate consequences on our lives.

With Warren Luff away at World Time Attack Challenge N2C Team Principal Andy McElrea spoke to the students in Luffys place. “Stay focused on your goal whatever that might be,” he told the students. “Avoid the temptation to do stupid things and you can literally live the life you imagine for yourself.”

As Merrimac is local to the McElrea Racing workshop the students were very lucky to see the N2C Porsche Cup Car up close. It gave Matt Speakman a great opportunity to explain to the students the enormity of his achievement being the first Porsche competitor in the world with a major disability.

The response from the Teachers and students alike was fantastic. It really is encouraging to know that people are getting something from our presentations.

No Second Chance will contest the final round of the Australian Carrera Cup Championship at Surfers Paradise this weekend. The Championship will be decided with Warren Luff and No Second Chance currently in second place.