N2C visits “The Southport School” on the Gold Coast

N2C visits “The Southport School” on the Gold Coast

As part of the No Second Chance School Program we were invited to present in front of more than 150 year 12 students at the picturesque Anglican all boys’ day and boarding school TSS in Southport.

It was our first visit to The Southport School and we were impressed not only with the magnificent facilities afforded to these young men but also the attitude of the teachers and students.

As part of the year 12 mentoring program at TSS the teachers work to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability in the students and our presentation could not have been better suited to complement the ethos of TSS.

We spoke with Mike Wallace, the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching at TSS who is also the year 11 & 12 Leadership Program Coordinator. He was delighted with our presentation and believes that it drives home the fact that there is No Second Chance and that we all need to be responsible for our actions as ultimately our lives are the result of the choices we make on a daily basis.

He believes the program is perfectly suited to young adults preparing to leave school and has already booked us for a presentation for 2014.

Now that the year 12 students of TSS are N2C Graduates they are eligible to enter for their chance to be an N2C TOP GUN and win an invitation to the N2C Porsche Sport Driving School Young Driver Program.

Students who saw the program are invited to** complete an entry form in the N2C TOP GUN Program by clicking HERE.**