Presentation Update: Homebush NSW

Presentation Update: Homebush NSW

No Second Chance Presentation at Homebush Boys High School in NSW

Round 5 of the Carrera Cup Championship took us to Sydney Motorsport Park in NSW which gave us the opportunity to visit Homebush Boys High School and Present our No Second Chance Youth Safety Program.

In our presentations Students are given three different real-life examples of what can happen based on the choices that we make. Regardless of how small and insignificant some decisions appear they can have profound and far reaching consequences.

About 200 year 12 Students graduated from our presentation and every one left the assembly hall with something to think about…

Make smart decisions and you can live your dreams – Make dumb decisions and there is No Second Chance..!!

I took away the realisation that not only your own actions but others actions can result in an undesired outcome. The message for myself is that you’re only as safe as the people around you. Jack Hindmarsh - Student at Homebush Boys High School

The No Second Chance team are now making preparations for our next race at Sandown in Victoria in a few weeks where Warren Luff will be fighting hard to regain his lead in the Championship..!!

Matt Speakman, Paul Stanley, Joanna Chan - Year 12 Adviser and Warren Luff at Homebush Boys High School in Sydney.