Presentation Update: Victoria Point SHS

Presentation Update: Victoria Point SHS

Students and Victoria Point State High School were recently captivated by another hard-hitting presentation by the team from No Second Chance.

Situated in SE Queensland within the bayside growth corridor of the Redlands community, Victoria Point SHS is home to around 1250 students. The School is unique in that it is one of the few schools in Qld offering a Cert 3 in Media, AFL Academy Programs for School, as well as supporting more than 200 students completing school-based Apprenticeships.

The response from the School and the Students has been overwhelming with the School sharing the following message on the School Facebook Page.

All year 10, 11 and 12 students attended a fabulous presentation this morning from N2C (No Second Chance). The students listened and watched intently for sixty valuable minutes, as messages relating to road safety, teenage violence, following dreams, and the consequences of decisions were communicated by Mr Paul Stanley from the Matthew Stanley Foundation, and professional Motorsport driver Mr Warren Luff. Please consider discussing with your son/daughter their thoughts on these messages.

Of particular note is what some of the parents commented on the Facebook post:

Yes thank you. My daughter came home and told me all about it, she was very moved by the presentation. It has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on her.Name witheld - Parent
The strength, courage and commitment to this cause these men show is to be commended. I was glad my son was amongst those in the crowd and we had a lengthy discussion about it after school. The impact on him will be forever ingrained in his memory, thank you again for your visit.Name witheld - Parent

Here is what some of the students had to say:

The best part of the Presentation for me was when the first speaker (Matt’s dad)spoke. He had a very touching story that I learned a lot from, this is because I had 100% focus on him and was so engaged and moved to what he had to say.Andrew Wright - Student at Victoria Point SHS
What was the strongest message you took away from the presentation? That in life there is no second chances, one small decision can change everything and the way your life used to be. One stupid little decision to maybe have a drink then drive home could not only end your life, but others too. Andrew Wright - Student at Victoria Point SHS
They were very persuading and spoke from the heart which helped me feel connected. Zac Johnstone - Student at Victoria Point SHS
What was the best part of the presentation? How their stories touched every single person in the crowd and made everyone think about how lucky we are. The first hand information to see how it effects the family’s and why your personal decisions can effect everyone around you. I have personally experienced someone’s loved one being taken away from them and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. This presentation was amazing and the courage of Mathews dad to speak to us was phenomenal and truly inspiring. Amity Bagnall - Student at Victoria Point SHS
Each presenter had a different spin on how they presented their story, that both moved and inspired me. Speaking out about what happened to them has made me aware and inspired me on how important it is to follow your dreams. Jordan Fox - Student at Victoria Point SHS
if you’ve been drinking call you parents because if not game over don’t, don’t drive after you’ve been drinking and don’t drink to much or the aggressive side will come out James Pearce - Student at Victoria Point SHS
The best part of the presentation was the story about the man who had became paralyzed and his dream of becoming race car driver was not stopped!! Cade Baker - Student at Victoria Point SHS
It was an awesome to experience how the the guys kept moving forward no matter what… Jack Gary Reisenleiter - Student at Victoria Point SHS

No Second Chance is a Youth Safety Program with the goal to save teenage lives by encouraging young people to take responsibility for their actions.

Reading the feedback from the School, Students and Parents affirms that our message is effective.

Special thanks to Adam Carmichael Head of Senior Secondary for organising the visit.

The team is now looking forward to our next presentation at “Townsville Youth Detention Center” in a few weeks in conjunction with our visit to Townsville for for Round 4 of the Australian Porsche Carrera Cup Championship where our Ambassador Warren Luff will act as driving coach and role model for the up-and-coming Matt Campbell.

Warren Luff, Paul Stanley and Andy McElrea talk to students at Victoria Point SHS(left to right) Raymond Adams Deputy Principal, Sam Davies, Ryan Jay, Cassidy Fletcher (School Captain), Kobe Stanley.
Warren Luff, Paul Stanley and Andy McElrea talk to students at Victoria Point SHSPaul Stanley connects with more than 700 students at Victoria Point State High School

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