Update: N2C Top Gun – Brighton Grammar School 2019

Update: N2C Top Gun – Brighton Grammar School 2019

Congratulations to Matisse Piccolo from Brighton Grammar School in Victoria!

You have been selected to represent your School as the ‘N2C Top Gun’.

You are invited to attend the Porsche Track Experience to complete the N2C Porsche Track Experience Young Driver Program where you will learn how to develop good driving habits and avoid accidents to keep yourself, your friends and your family safe.

I really appreciated the opportunity to listen to these very touching stories and I know that I will be more vigilant and cautious when driving as well as thinking before I do something. Matisse Piccolo - Student at Brighton Grammar School

About the N2C Porsche Sport Driving School Young Driver Program

No Second Chance has teamed up with Porsche Cars Australia to create the ‘No Second Chance Porsche Track Experience Young Driver Program’ specifically for selected graduates of our No Second Chance Youth Safety Presentations.

Once students have seen our presentation we believe they are on their way to understanding the responsibility associated with driving a car on public roads.

Read more about: The No Second Chance Top Gun Program

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